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painting with the light of the north

picture 0267 picture 0268 picture 0269 picture 0270 picture 0271 picture 0273 picture 0274 picture 0275 picture 0276 picture 0278 picture 0279 picture 0283 picture 0284 picture 0286 picture 0287 picture 0289 collage of paintings by Ivor MacKay

• Paintings, Drawings and Prints from the Western Isles of Scotland •

Newest picture for sale on site: Horgabost Beach

Current totals:
55 original works for sale  ·  324 works available as prints
Last picture added: 2019-12-19

Welcome to my website.  Here you can see all the works currently available for sale, and examples of some I’ve sold in the last few years.  Mostly the pictures are around the Isle of Lewis and Harris, but Uist, Barra, Skye, Iona and the North-West Highlands are also represented.

(December 2019:)  I have decided to release for sale a few of the drawings and paintings completed while an art student at Edinburgh College of Art between 1987 and 1991.  This is a rare opportunity to purchase some early works previously unseen.

Prints of most of the pictures (including most of those already sold) can be ordered at various sizes.  If you would like to commission a work, please see the buying advice page.

Venues:  My pictures are on display in several locations around Lewis and Harris.  See the list of venues.